We are Companion Ag

An agricultural network with strategic partnerships designed to help farmers produce high-quality commodity products, with a focus on industrial hemp”

Companion Ag Hemp Processing Facility
Companion Ag Hemp Green House
Our goal:
“To support you through the entire process from pre-planting and propagation through harvest, separation, and sale”
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Get more value with the Companion Ag Partnership Platform

Through a strategic agricultural network, Companion Ag engages in advancing markets and technologies to support the production of high-quality plant-based commodities

Importantly, the Companion Ag model supports participating farmers with entering established markets and facilitates their ability to earn more than farming conventional crops. This feature sets the Companion Ag model apart as a driver for sustainable development at the individual and community level

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10+ Years

In botanical and natural products market
Why partner with us?

As farmers ourselves, we understand your needs. We can lean on our 10+ years of experience, our partner companies, and their growers to provide long-term stability

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GMP compliant and in accordance with GAP

Companion Ag’s commitment to quality!

All processes are conducted in a manner consistent with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Following these guidelines will confirm that goods produced are safe for consumption and able to advance to next steps of extraction and isolation

Continuous internal and third-party audits of processes will help us to maintain excellence in product compliance, establishing our network as a leader in high quality, and consistent bulk agriculture goods

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Companion Ag Hemp Processing Facility