“Companion Agriculture” (CompanionAg) is a social-enterprise cooperative model designed by Olistica Life Sciences Group through the frame of the U.N.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companion-Ag networks farmers together and equips them with the most advanced training and technologies available to support the production of quality medicinal plant supply—supply appropriate for scientific research and compliant with applicable regulatory standards.

Importantly the Companion-Ag model provides participating farmers with not only advanced technology and training, but also facilitates their equity ownership in the host enterprise. This feature sets the Companion-Ag model apart as a driver for sustainable development at the individual and community level within ASEAN’s agricultural sector.

Partners within the Companion-Ag program will cultivate high-quality raw materials through an innovative networked agriculture model with support from all angles to ensure the goal is met. The model aligns to the newer “precision agriculture” movement, leveraging data and technology to support higher yields of more consistent quality, all through sustainable, standardized processes. In-depth data tracking and standardized processes support the development of products which align to regulatory standards and quality expectations for R&D applications.

The Companion-Ag program centralizes all information, support and management of farming and commercial botanical processing operations from its partner companies and their growers. This innovative program provides a platform that allows for participation of as little as a few farms all the way to thousands of farms, networked together in a model of mutual benefits with a multiplier effect.


Companion-Ag provides an opportunity for all participants to benefit equally from a comprehensive resource center, complete with the following features:


Individual consultation and communications platform
Cannabis expert with various background supporting the process of cannabis production
Management and oversight team ensuring the success of each partner farm
Refined cost analysis based on years of experience in the U.S.

Assessment Strategies

Assessment and design of water and irrigation systems and strategy
Land area and soil analysis
Security protocols and design
Equipment and training program

Implementation Programs

Payout matrix
Seeding, plant reproduction, cultivation, & harvesting and handling practices
Grading and placement of finished biomass, Transformation from agricultural goods to an extractable commodity

Process and Equipment

The process to produce a standardized and controlled material feedstock for the extraction of medicinal compounds from cannabis is a key step to producing consistent finished products.

The Companion-AG programs can recommend or supply the best suited processes and equipment for each scenario for the best chance of success. This begins with harvesting and handling practices, processes and specialized equipment that has been designed, tested, and proven to be effective for the desired outcomes available.

Emphasis on Quality

All processes are conducted in a manner consistent with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Following these guidelines from initial planting, through harvest, and into the manufacturing of bulk goods, will confirm that goods produced are safe for consumption and able to advance to next steps of extraction and isolation.

Included in these guidelines are quarantine and random sampling/testing procedures of all products to ensure the materials are ready to advance, and that it is clear the batches of good are uniform, consistent, and safe. Continuous internal and 3rd party audits of processes will help us to keep continued excellence in product compliance putting our network as a leader in high quality, consistent bulk agriculture goods.

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