We are Companion Ag

A technology-based agricultural company offering a companionship-platform to develop high-volume commodity products

Our core mission is to create a modern, technology-oriented agricultural co-op that builds global networks of farms and farmers and establishes manufacturing partnerships with commodity processors and producers – together, we offer solutions to turn farming products into standardized commodities for sale to high-volume markets

Farmers are the heartbeat of our business

Our team includes passionate cultivators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver the highest quality commodity products. We focus on medicinal plants, botanicals, and feedstock alternatives or sustainable materials feedstocks.

Companion Ag offers a full suite of farming services that supports our partners through the process from seed to sale

Companion Ag, serves as an agri-technology hub for centralizing genetics, farming practices, equipment, processes, agronomic IP, management of farming and commercial crop production, access to commoditizing or processing the crops and access to end-use markets. Our programs range in size from one-acre farms to those with more than 10,000 acres in agricultural production. The platform gives all participants an equal opportunity to benefit from Companion Ag resources, including:

  • Concierge farming services and access to experts
  • Individual consultation evaluations and strategy sessions to determine what type of crops to plant and what farming practices need to be employed for optimum output
  • Access to plant experts of diverse backgrounds with global experience
  • Evaluation of assets and opportunities on a real-time basis
  • Access to standardized seeds, intellectual property and proprietary genetics
  • Land area and soil analysis
  • Assessment and design of water and irrigation systems
  • Expert consultation to identify the optimal seed or clone selection from a robust genetic bank
  • Seeding, plant reproduction, cultivation, harvesting and handling practices
  • Partnerships with local manufacturers to commoditize crops
  • Integration into a central hub for standardized commodity products Access to high-volume end-use markets
  • Grading and quality assessment of crops
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Transformation from agricultural goods to tradable commodities
  • Integrated management and oversight to ensure the success of each partner farm
  • Overall support for farms looking to penetrate new markets
  • Consultation on how to retain the most value from crops during harvest and thereafter
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Security protocols and design
  • Equipment and training programs
  • Purchase of goods and delivery to end markets
  • Refined financial analysis based on years of experience
  • Economic analysis linked to marketability and market potential of crops

Welcome to our Partner Platform

As a subsidiary of Olistica Life Sciences Group (a technology, agriculture-based research and development company), we have spent many years refining practices from a scientific perspective to devise the best, most efficient, effective and impactful way to successfully commoditize agricultural products. This allows us to help farmers produce more value compared to smaller farming networks.

With deep roots in commercial agriculture and plant sciences, we have spent over 10 years conducting research and development related to seed genetics, selectively breeding desirable traits into the protected varieties of the crops that we are involved in. Our platform centralizes all information, support, and management of farming and commercial botanical processing operations from our partner companies to create consistency of volume and provide access to a wide range of end-use markets

Cascade Naturals is a top-tier designer, formulator, and manufacturer of dietary supplements, natural health products, cosmeceuticals, and other naturally derived consumer goods.

Naturea Biomaterials is a technology and aggregation hub focused on utilizing botanical material input for industrial applications


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