Who We Are

We are Companion Ag!

We are a full-service Agricultural Network that utilizes strategic partnerships to develop high-quality commodity products

Our core mission is to create strategic partnerships in the multi-use biomaterials and nutraceutical commodity markets with a primary focus on industrial hemp. With 12 years’ experience in the botanicals and natural products market, and another 6 years in the commercial cannabis industry, we have established partnerships in the hemp market. Through our co-op programs in New Mexico, Minnesota, Colorado, and Oregon, we have extensive experience operating across different climates and soil textures.

Our goal is to create a modern agricultural co-op that builds global hemp networks of farms and farmers and establishes manufacturing partnerships with commodity processors and producers. Our platform centralizes all information, support, and management of farming and commercial botanical processing operations from our partner companies, and provides access to a wide range of end markets. Our passion for customer excellence is just one reason why we are the industry leader.

Companion Ag Hemp Processing Facility
Our passion for customer excellence is just one reason why we are the market leader. We've always worked very hard to give our customers the best experience in dealing with our company.