Companion Ag offers a full suite of farming services that supports our partners through the process from seed to sale

Companion Ag is committed to market discovery and changing trends in the agricultural, biomaterials, foods, and nutraceutical/pharmaceutical sectors to establish an infrastructure of knowledge on all aspects of the hemp plant. Through strategic partnerships built over the years, we provide longevity in established billion-dollar markets—contrary to the volatility seen recently in hemp-derived CBD markets.

  • Individual Consultation
  • Dedicated Hemp Harvest Expert
  • Management and oversight team ensuring the success of each partner farm
  • Refined cost analysis based on years of experience in the U.S. and global markets.

Land area, soil, and water analysis; genetic seed selection


Developing best practices in propagation and cultivation based on the unique aspects of your soil and climate


You deliver the harvest—we do the rest


Taking the commodities to market

Trusted Experts

Trust Our Experts to Help Grow Your Harvest

Companion Ag offers a full suite of farming services that will support our partners through the entire process from pre-planting and propagation through harvest, separation, and sale. Included in these guidelines are random sampling and testing procedures of all products, which confirm that materials are ready to move forward, and each batch is uniform, consistent, and safe

Continuous internal and third-party audits guarantee product compliance and confirm our network as a leader in high-quality, consistent bulk agriculture goods.